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This book documents 13 Eritrean educational bio­graphies
of leading members of the Education Ministry of Eritrea.
They actively have participated in freeing the country located in the eastern part of the African Continent and have simultaneously built up the co-educational and educational system under most difficult circumstances.

A consistently notable contingency was found in all bio­graphic self-reflections, which had decisively influenced the authors and actors curriculums: The three decenniums long fight for Eritrea’s inde­pen­dence, the formation of an educational system, and simultaneously the active design of their own edu­cation biography.

These documentary biographies are exemplarily for Eritrea’s “Nation Building Process”.


ISBN: 978-3-941972-03-2

Bildungstransfer Verlag,
128 Pages (in engl. language)

16,80 EUR



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